5 August 2018

The National Library of Latvia in partnership with the Latvian Orienteering Federation
Event Director – Ritvars Karpikovs, phone +371-28279260, e-mail:
Results – Elīna Mankus, e-mail:

To introduce indoor orienteering to Latvian residents and the guests of the World Orienteering Championships.

An indoor orienteering event course is equal to a shortened classical sprint course.

5 August 2018, National Library of Latvia

From 11:00Competitors arrive
12:00 – 16:00 Competitors start
16:30 Finish closes
18:30 Prize-giving in the sprint relay arena (Uzvaras parks)


Group Group
W12 Girls
Born in 2006 and younger
M12 Boys
Born in 2006 and younger
W14 Girls
Born in 2004 and younger
M14 Boys
Born in 2004 and younger
W16 Girls
Born in 2002 and younger
M16 Boys
Born in 2002 and younger
W21E WOC competitors M21E WOC competitors
W21 Women
Open group, no age restrictions.
M21 Men
Open group, no age restrictions.
W40 Women
Born in 1978 or older
M40 Men
Born in 1978 or older
W60 Women
Born in 1958 or older
M60 Men
Born in 1958 or older

Competitors are the runners entered for the World Orienteering Championships and Latvia O-Week who have marked participation in indoor orienteering event. The entry link: OWEEK SISTEM.
A limited number of competitors (up to 100) can enter the race making a preliminary entry via LOF.LV entry system.In case the number of entries is greater, there will be a draw and the selected runners will be announced by 1 August.

The competition is free of charge.

Before the start the competitors are allowed to stay only in the designated areas and are discouraged from disturbing others. Examining the course prior to starting is not allowed. The competitors should follow the fair play principle and respect other competitors.
The competitors have to complete two courses; they may start at freely chosen time.

The controls should be punched in the sequence according to the course on the map (controls joined with a line / example).
Tentative winner’s time is about 15-20 minutes per course.

After the finish the Sportident card needs to be submitted for reading in order to register the result.

The winner of each age group is the competitor who has completed both courses within the shortest total time. Top three competitors in each group are awarded with medals.

Running in street shoes and track-and-field or orienteering shoes with studs is forbidden. We recommend sports shoes appropriate for running on hard surfaces. To avoid injuries, we recommend choosing footwear with outsoles as thin as practicable.
Toilets will be accessible at the event centre.
Warm-up may be done outdoors.
Competitors take self-responsibility for own health. The responsibility for children’s health lies with the parents, coaches or accompanying persons. The organisers are not liable for any injuries incurred during the race.
Extra vigilance is needed in the area of stairwells and stairs. The failure to pay due attention may result in serious collisions between runners.
It is not allowed to use elevators.

In the competition area, there will be mazes constructed from tapes. It is prohibited to leap or climb over the tapes.
Please note that some passageways, stairs or doors to the stairwell may be closed off. These will be marked on the map as a red restricting tape.
In individual places one-way traffic may be introduced (marked on the map as a green arrow). Officials will monitor that competitors follow the restriction.
The organisers may disqualify runners who have been noticed for breaching the rules.


Electronic punching system SportIdent. Runners who have been issued Sportident cards at the Registration Desk should turn these in to the organisersafter having completed both courses. The charge for a lost card is EUR 65.00.

Maps from the previous years, results, photos and videos are available at