Bulletin 2019

Latvian Indoor Orienteering Cup 2019



  • To show indoor orienteering as available sport for any age and gender;
  • Find out fastest orienteers in six classes.


Indoor orienteering course corresponds to shortened sprint orienteering course.




1st stage – 16.11 – University of Latvia, Raiņa bulvāris 19

2nd stage – 23.11 – Rīgas 49th Secondary School , Kr. Valdemāra 65

3rd stage –  24.11  – Riga Congress Centre , Kr. Valdemāra 5

4th stage –30.11 – Culture Centre “Ziemeļblāzma”, Ziemeļblāzmas iela 36

5th stage – 01.12 – University of Latvia House of Science , Jelgavas iela 3

6th stage – 14.12 – Latvian Prison Administration Brasa prison, Laktas iela 2/4

*For Brasa Prison competitors the excursions will be available at 14.30, 16.30 and 18.30. Maximum amount. Maximum amount of people – 40 per excursion.

The minimum age for participating in 6th stage is 16 years (youth born in 2003). There will be no SV16 class in 6th stage.

Exact competition start times will be published one week before. Approximate start time from 11:00 till 13:30 (24.11 start time from 15:00). 



It is suggested to arrive in competition center using Riga Public transports. The timetables can be found here.



S16 Girls

Born in 2003 and younger.

*In 6th stage only youngsters born in 2003 are allowed to participate. They have to run SV21 class.

S21 Women

Open class without age restriction

S40 Women

Born in 1979 and older

V16 Youngsters

Born in 2003 and younger

V21 Men

Open class without age restriction

V40 Men

Born in 1979 and older

OPEN Beginner class without age restriction and result evolution. Every competitor must pick up at least 7 controls which will be shown on map.


Application for competition is possible using LOF online entry system.

Entry deadline – 10:00 three days before every stage

After deadline application it is possible to apply in the competition center. However organizers do not guarantee that there will be enough map for all competitors. We invite all people to apply before entry deadline.

*In last stage at least 16 years old competitors will be allowed.



Competitors in SV16 classes – 3.50 EUR

*LU students and Riga 49th Secondary School pupils – 3.50 EUR

Others – 7.00 EUR

*Competitors who represent University of Latvia or Riga 49th Secondary school must present their student ID when registering in competition center.

We invite all competitors to apply for competition before deadline. Applying for participation higher fees fill be applied – 5 EUR and 10 EUR. This year all entry fees in competition center can be paid only using bank cards.

Registering for all stages at one time, discount can be received. Respectively – 18 EUR or 35 EUR per six stages. Discount can be received only by transferring money to Latvian Orienteering federation account (below) by 10th November.

If competitor doesn’t arrive to any stages he has applied, the fully entry fee must be paid to organizers.

If competitors finish with previously not entered/changes SI card, 2 EUR must be paid in event center in order to result be qualified. Any changes in entries can be sent to guntars@bkc.lv or can be made  in competition center before opening of start.

SportIDENT card hire – 1 EUR

Entry fee can be transferred to Latvian Orienteering federation bank account. In details competitor name, surname and stages should be entered. In any case of questions please write to lof@lof.lv

Application in LOF.LV system is guarantee that competitor will participate in competition. If participant doesn’t arrive to stage, entry fee must be paid to LOF bank account.

If participant doesn’t arrive to competition the entry fee is not paid back or transferred to other stages.




Address: Grostonas iela 6b, Rīga, LV-1013, Latvija

Reg.Nr.: 40008021960

Bank: Luminor bank


IBAN: LV14RIKO0002013111372 



Arriving to competition center entry fee must be paid.  Payments in competition center can be made only with bank cards.


Before the start, it is allowed to stay only in the designated places without disturbing other competitors. It is not allowed to get acquainted with the distance before your start, respecting the principles of fair play and respecting other participants.

Participants in the competition must take two distances with start at any time convenient for them (specified in the rules) .


Controls must be punched in order indicate on the map (with line connected controls/example).

Approximate winner times 10-15 minutes


After finish competitor must read SPORTident card in order to register result.



In each class winner is that competitor whose two course result sum is smallest. In each stage first place winners will be awarded.

In overall sum first three places will be awarded in each class. In order to get result in overall sum competitor has to run at least 4 stages.

The results in overall sum are calculated by summing four best results achieved by each competitor. Each class winner received 1000 points. Each next place points are calculated by dividing winner team with exact competitor place time.



In each competition stage there will be found best sportsmen in two course sum, who will be able to show best result in two courses sum.  In each course there will be one leg drawn in green color, which will be taken in count in overall sum.

Summing together results from two courses the “Orienteering master” title will be found out.

Therefore “Orienteering master” in overall sum will be found out by summing three best results from any of stages. The prize giving will carried out in last stage.



  • It is forbidden to run using street shoes, athletics or sturdy shoes. It is suggested to use sport shoes which are suggested for running on hard surfaces. In order to avoid injuries please use thinner sole.
  • Toilets will be available in competition center.
  • There will be first aid available. Please ask in registration.
  • Warm up run can be done outside of building.
  • Competitors are responsible for their own health. Coaches or parents are responsible for children health. Competition organizers don’t take responsibility for injuries obtained in competition time.
  • Please be careful when running in staircases. Inattention can cause serious collisions between competitors.

The photos and videos taken in competition can be used by organizers for marketing and advertising purposes.



In the competition area labyrinths made from marking tape may be found. It is not allowed to climb over these markings. Organizers have rights to disqualify competitors violating rules.


SportIDENT electronic punching system will be used. Competitors who have received SportIDENT card have to give it back to organizers after finishing race. In case of loosing SI card full price have to be paid (60 EUR).


Latvian Orienteering federation in co-operation with  Riga City Council – Department of Education, Culture and Sports.

  • Matīss Ratnieks, t. 20252282, info@olatvija.lv



Results, maps and pictures from previous  years can be found herea – “Rezultāti / Bildes